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The northern hemisphere's annual sunward tilt signals a celebration in Scandinavia's modern capitals and picturesque towns. Restaurants in Stockholm set tables on the sidewalks. At lunchtime, Danish workers bask on park benches, faces turned to the sun. It is a wonderful time to visit as parks and gardens in Oslo and Helsinki come to life with brilliant flowers and the sounds of children playing. In St. Petersburg, descend an elegant staircase between sparkling, gilded fountains at the extravagant riverside Summer Palace. Relax by the pool as your ship eases gracefully between towering granite cliffs in Norway's narrow Trollfjord. There's no lovelier season than a Scandinavian summer, and no better way to experience it than on board Seabourn.

When you cruise with Seabourn, we promise a voyage that is nothing short of magical. Each cruise to Northern Europe, Iceland and Greenland includes the following exclusive amenities and activities designed to enhance every moment:

  • Amazing itineraries with marquee ports
  • The hidden gems of the Northern Europe, Iceland and Greenland
  • Optional Ventures by Seabourn™ excursions
  • Guidance and insight from a skilled expedition staff
  • "Caviar on the Ice" deck party


* Cruising of the Northern Europe, Iceland and Greenland is subject to pilotage, traffic and weather conditions and at the Captains discretion. Actual routes, durations and timings may vary accordingly.

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Sailing Northern Europe with Seabourn gives guests the opportunity to take in the beautiful landscapes as well as castles, fjords and palaces.

In picturesque Iceland, guests can join a shore excursion to view the wildlife on remote Vigur Island and experience unique Icelandic delicacies. Norway offers inventive, seasonal food options along with exceptional art and architecture in Ålesund and the charming shops and restaurants in Kristiansand. Visit the best of Great Britain when you sail into Dover to visit the hotspots of London and head to Alnwick Castle which was featured in Downton Abbey.

If guests want to add adventure to their Northern Europe experience, they can join optional Ventures by Seabourn™ to kayak, hike and boat. To extend the trip, join a Seabourn Journey for a once-in-a lifetime tour of a UNESCO World Heritage sites throughout interior cities